Wood Polymer Compoites (WPC) & Technology

Paper accepted

Pulngern T, Eakintumas W, Rosarpitak V & Sombatsompop N – Compressive Load, Thermal, and Acoustic Properties of Wood/PVC Composite Log-Wall Panels – Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, (accepted).

Publications in 2016

Pulngern T, Chitsamran T, Chucheepsakul S, Patcharaphun S, Rosarpitak V & Sombatsompop N (2016) Effect of temperature on mechanical properties and creep responses for wood/PVC composites – Construction and Building Materials, 111: 191-198.

Srimalanon P, Yamsaengsung W, Kositchaiyong A, Wimolmala E, Khokhwan Israngkura N.A & Sombatsompop N (2016) Effects of UV-Accelerated Weathering and Natural Weathering Conditions on Anti-Fungal Efficacy of Wood/PVC Composites Doped with Propylene Glycol-Based HPQM – Express Polymer Letters, 10(4): 289–301.

Publications in 2015

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Publications in 2014

Pulngern T, Keawkanraya P, Rosarpitak V & Sombatsompop N (2014) Experimental and Computational Investigations of Creep Responses of Wood/PVC Composite Members – International Polymer Processing, 29(3): 307-316.

Publications in 2013

Pulngern T, Chimchai A, Rosarpitak V & Sombatsompop N (2013) Analytical, Numerical, and Experimental Investigations on Flexural Strengthening for Wood/ PVC Composite Members Using Flat Bar Strips – Construction and Building Materials, 41 (Apr): 545-556.

Chaochanchaikul K, Rosarpitak V & Sombatsompop N (2013) Photo-degradation and UV Penetration Profiles of PVC Compound and Wood/PVC Composites under UV Weathering – Express Polymer Letters, 7(2): 146-160.

Publications in 2012

Hamaviriyapornwattana N, Sombatsompop N, Markpin T, Kositchaiyong A & Wimolmala E (2012) Solar Reflectance, Surface Adhesion and Thermal Conductivity of Wood/NR Composite Sheet with TiO2/PU Topcoat for Roofing Applications – Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology, 18(3): 184-191.

Chaochanchaikul K, Jayaraman K, Rosarpitak V & Sombatsompop N (2012) Influence of Lignin Content on Photodegradation in Wood/HDPE Composites under UV Weathering – BioResources, 7(1): 38-55.

Publications in 2011

Threepopnatkul P, Teppinta W & Sombatsompop N (2011) Effect of Co-monomer Ratio in ABS and Wood Content on the Processing and Properties of Wood/ABS Composites – Fibers and Polymers, 12(8): 1007-1013.

Harnnarongchai W, Sithicharoen W, Intawong N-T & Sombatsompop N (2011) Mechanical Strengths of Molten and Solidified LDPE, LLDPE/LDPE Blend and Wood/LDPE Composite under Tensile Deformations – Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology,17(3): 164-176.

Chaochanchaikul K, Rosarpitak V & Sombatsompop N (2011) Structural and Thermal Stabilizations of PVC and Wood/PVC Composites by Metal Sterates and Organotin – BioResources, 6(3): 3115-3131.

Chaochanchaikul K and Sombatsompop N (2011) Stabilizations of Molecular Structures and Mechanical Properties of PVC and Wood/PVC Composites by Tinuvin and TiO2 Stabilizers – Polymer Engineering and Science, 51(6): 1354-1365.

Padyenchean C, Pulngern T, Rosarpitak V, & Sombatsompop N (2011) Flexural and Creep Strengthening of Wood/PVC Composite Members using Flat Bar Strips – Materials and Design 2(6): 3431-3439.

Pattamasattayasonti N, Chaochanchaikul K, Rosarpitak V & Sombatsompop N (2011) Effects of UV-Weathering Aging and CeO2 Based Coating Layer on Mechanical and Structural Changes in Wood/PVC Composites – Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology, 17(1): 9-16.

Publications in 2010

Yamsangsung W & Sombatsompop N (2010) Use of Expanded-EPDM As Protecting Layer for Moderation of Photo-degradation in Wood/NR Composite for Roofing Applications – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 117(1) : 335-342.

Mongkollapkit N, Kositchaiyong A, Rosarpitak V & Sombatsompop N (2010) Mechanical and Morphological Properties for Sandwich Composites of Glass Fiber/PVC and Wood/PVC Layers – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 116(1): 3427-3436.

Pulngern T, Choocheepsakul S, Padyenchean C, Rosarpitak V, Prapruit W, Chaochanchaikul K & Sombatsompop N (2010) Effects of Cross-section Design and Loading Direction on Creep and Fatigue Properties of Wood/PVC Composite Beams –Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology, 16(1): 42-49.

Sombatsompop N, Prapruit W, Chaochanchaikul K, Pulngern T & Rosarpitak V (2010) Effect of Cross-section Design and Testing Conditions on Flexural Properties of Wood/PVC Composite Beams – Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology, 16(1): 33-41.

Publications in 2009

Yamsangsung W & Sombatsompop N (2009) Effects of Chemical Blowing Agent on Cell Structure and Mechanical Properties of EPDM Foam, and Peel Strength and Thermal Conductivity of wood/NR Composite-EPDM Laminates – Composites Part B: Engineering, 40(7): 594-600.

Tungjitpornkull S & Sombatsompop N (2009) Processing Technique and Fiber Orientation Angle Affecting the Mechanical Properties of E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Wood/PVC Composites – Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 209(6): 3079-3088.

Publications in 2008

Yamsangsung W & Sombatsompop N (2008) Foam Characteristics, Peel Strength and Thermal Conductivity for wood/NR and Expanded EPDM Laminates for Roofing Applications – Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part B: Physics , 47(5): 967-985.

Sombatsompop N, Taptim K, Chaochanchaikul K, Thongpin C & Rosarpitak V (2008) Improvement of Structural and Thermal Stabilities of PVC and Wood/PVC Composites by Pb and Zn Stearates, and Zeolite – Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A: Pure and Applied Chemistry , 45(7): 534-541.

Prachayawarakorn J, Khunsumled S, Thongpin C, Kositchaiyong A & Sombatsompop N (2008) Effects of Silane and MAPE Coupling Agents on the Properties and Interfacial Adhesion of Wood-Filled PVC/LDPE Blend – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 108(6): 3523-3530.

Publications in 2007

Tungjitpornkull S, Chaochanchaikul K & Sombatsompop N (2007) Mechanical Characterization of E-Chopped Strand Glass Fiber Reinforced Wood/PVC Composites – Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, 20(6): 535-550.

Publications in 2006

Sombatsompop N, Kositchaiyong A and Wimolmala E (2006) Experimental Analysis of Temperature and Crystallinity Profiles of Wood-Sawdust/PP Composites During Cooling – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 102(2): 1896-1905.

Publications in 2005

Sombatsompop N, Yotinwattanakumtorn C & Thongpin C (2005) Influences of Types and Concentrations of Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polypropylene and Impact Modifiers on Mechanical Properties of PP/Wood Sawdust Composites – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 97(2): 475-484.

Sombatsompop N & Chaochanchaikul K (2005) Average Mixing Torque, Tensile and Impact Properties and Thermal Stability of PVC/Sawdust Composites with Different Silane Coupling Agents – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 96(1): 213-221.

Publications in 2004

Sombatsompop N & Chaochanchaikul K (2004) Effect of Moisture Content on Mechanical Properties, Thermal and Structural Stability, and Extrudate Texture of PVC/Wood Sawdust Composites – Polymer International, 53(9): 1210-1218.

Sombatsompop N & Phromchirasuk C (2004) Effects of Acrylic Based Processing Aids on Processability, Rheology, Thermal and Structural Stability, and Mechanical Properties of PVC/Wood Sawdust Composites – Journal of Applied Polymer Science,92(2): 782-790.

Publications in 2003

Sombatsompop N, Chaochanchaikul, K, Phromchirasuk C & Thongsang S (2003) Effect of Wood Sawdust Content on Rheological and Structural Changes, and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of PVC/Sawdust Composites – Polymer International,52(12): 1847-1855.