Polymer Rheology Research

Publications in 2017

Rungruangsuparat S, Patcharaphun S and Sombatsompop N (2017) Materials modification and die design for minimizing internal melt distortions of glass fiber/PP co-extrudates – Polymer Testing, 57 (February): 184-191.

Publications in 2016

Sanprasert P, Sombatsompop N, Sae-oui, P & Sirisinha C (2016) Cotton Fiber Alignment and Its Effect on Properties of HNBR Vulcanizates: Influences of Scorch Behavior, Flow Distance and Injection Pressure – Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 89(3): 436-449.

Promchim J, Kanking S, Niltui P, Wimolmala E and Sombatsompop N (2016) Swelling and Mechanical Properties of NBR/HNBR Blends with Precipitated Silica Filled in Gasohol Fuel – Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology, 22(3): 239–246.

Publications in 2015

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Publications in 2014

Patcharaphun S, Sukniyom Y, Chookeaw W & Sombatsompop N (2014) Flow Properties and Extrudate Distortion in Molten Rubber Compounds under Capillary Extrusion: Effects of Vulcanizing Systems and Fillers – Progress in Rubber, Plastics & Recycling Technology, 30 (3): 129-144.

Publications in 2013

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Publications in 2012

Harnnarongchai W, Kaschta J, Schubert D & Sombatsompop N (2012) Shear and Elongational Flow Properties of Peroxide Modified Wood/LDPE Composite Melts – Polymer Composites, 33(11): 2084-2094.

Kaewkanokslip C, Patcharaphun S, Apimonsiri, W & Sombatsompop N (2012) Rheological Properties and Melt Strength of LDPE during the Co-extrusion Filament Winding Process – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 125(3): 2187–2195.

Kaiyaded W, Wimolmala E, Harnnarongchai W, Sithicharoen W, & Sombatsompop N (2012) Rotating Die Technique for Sharkskin Minimization in Highly Viscous Wood/PP Composite Melt during Extrusion – Journal of Applied Polymer Science,125(3): 2312–2321.

Sitticharoen W, Harnnarongchai W, Intawong N-T, & Sombatsompop N (2012) – Melt Strength, Local Velocity and Elongational Viscosity Profiles of LDPE Filament Affected by Die Design and Process Conditions – Journal of Applied Polymer Science,124(5): 3751-3764.

Wootthikanokkhan J, Wongta N, Sombatsompop N, Kositchaiyong A, Wong-On J, Isarankura na Ayutthaya S & Kaabbuathong N (2012) Effect of Blending Conditions on Mechanical, Thermal and Rheological Properties of Plasticized PLA/maleated Thermoplastic Starch Blends – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 124(2): 1012-1019.

Publications in 2011

Harnnarongchai W, Intawong N-T & Sombatsompop N (2011) Effects of Roller Speed, Temperature, Volumetric Flow Rate and Multiple Extrusions on Mechanical Strength of Molten and Solidified LDPE under Tensile Deformation – Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part B: Physics , 50(6): 1074-1086.

Intawong N-T, Kantala C, Toataison W & Sombatsompop N (2011) A Die Rotating System for Moderations of Extrusion Loads and Pressure Drop Profiles for Molten PP and Wood/PP Composites in Extrusion Processes – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 120(2): 1006-1016.

Publications in 2010

Sitticharoen W, Intawong N-T & Sombatsompop N (2010) An Experimental Apparatus for Measurement of Elongational Flow Properties for LDPE Melt and the Effect of Testing Conditions – Polymers & Polymer Composites, 18(7): 359-368.

Nillawong M, Sombatsompop N & Sirisinha C (2010) Viscoelastic Properties of Nitrile Rubber Filled with Lignite Fly Ash –Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 116: 3497-3502.

Publications in 2009

Saowapark T, Sombatsompop N & Sirisinha C (2009) Viscoleastic Properties of Fly-Ash/Natural Rubber Compound: Effect of Fly Ash Loading – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 112(4): 2552-2558.

Publications in 2008

Intawong N-T, Wongchaleo C. & Sombatsompop N (2008) Rheological Properties, Flow Visualization and Extrudate Swelling of NR Compound by Rotating-Die Rheometer – Polymer Engineering and Science, 48(6): 1191-1198.

Publications in 2007

Sombatsompop N, Uawongsuwan P & Chaochanchaikul, K (2007) Effect of Molecular Structure on Extrudate Swell Behavior for Different Thermoplastic Melts in an Electro-magnetized Die – Polymer Engineering and Science, 47(3): 270-280.

Publications in 2006

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Publications in 2005

Sombatsompop N and Intawong N-T (2005) A Comparative Study on Extrudate Swell of Polystyrene in a Capillary Rheometer and a Single Screw Extruder – Polymer Testing, 24(8): 948-952.

Sombatsompop N & Intawong NT (2005) Extrudate Swell and Flow Analysis of PS Melt Flowing in Electro-magnetized Die in a Single Screw Extruder – Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 16(7): 505-514.

Intawong N-T, Kimura T, Tamura M, Xiaojun L & Sombatsompop N (2005) Magnetic Effects on Extrudate Swell of Polystyrene Melt in Capillary Extrusion Dies – Polymer Journal, 37(7): 541-544.

Publications in 2004

Intawong N-T & Sombatsompop N (2004) Experimental Studies on Radial Extrudate Swell and Velocity Profiles of Flowing PS Melt in an Electro-magnetized Die of an Extrusion Rheometer – Polymer Engineering and Science, 44(12): 2298-2307.

Intawong N-T & Sombatsompop N (2004) A Parallel Co-extrusion Technique for Simultaneous Measurements of Radial Extrudate Swell and Velocity Profiles of a Polymer Melt in a Capillary Rheometer – Polymer Engineering and Science, 44(10): 1960-1969.

Sombatsompop N & Sergsiri S (2004) Die Swell Ratio of PS Melt From an Electro-Magnetized Capillary Die in an Extrusion Rheometer: Effects of Barrel Diameter, Shear Rate and Die Temperature – Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 15(8): 472-480.

Publications in 2003

Sombatsompop N & O-Charoen, N (2003) Extrudate Swell Behaviour of PS and LLDPE Melts in a Dual Die with Mixed Circular/slit Flow Channels in an Extrusion Rheometer – Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 14(10): 699-710.

Sombatsompop N & Sungsanit K (2003) Processability, Rheology, Thermal, Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Post-Consumer PVC Bottles and Cables – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 89(10): 2738-2748.

Sombatsompop N & Kumnuantip C (2003) Rheology, Cure Characteristics, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Tire-Tread Reclaimed Rubber/NR Compounds – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 87(10): 1723-1731.

Sombatsompop N & O-Charoen N (2003) Experimental Studies on Extrudate Swell Behaviour of PS and LLDPE Melts in Single and Dual Capillary Dies – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 87(10): 1713-1722.

Publications in 2002

Sombatsompop N (2002) Extrudate Swell and Texture of PS, LDPE, ABS, PVC Melts and Their Blends in Extrusion Capillary Flow Using a Magnetic Die System – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 86(2): 509-517.

Sombatsompop N & Dangtungee R (2002) The Effects of the Actual Diameters and Diameter Ratios of Barrel and Die on the Elastic Swell and Entrance Pressure Drop of Natural Rubber in Capillary Die Flow – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 86(7): 1762-1772.

Sombatsompop N & Panapoy M (2002) Die Geometry Effects on Temperature Profile Measurements of Flowing PP melt in a Twin Screw Extruder – Polymer Testing, 21(1): 17-25.

Publications in 2001

Sombatsompop N & Dangtungee R (2001) Flow Visualization & Extrudate Swell of Natural Rubber in a Capillary Rheometer: Effect of Die/Barrel System – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 82(10): 2525-2533.

Sombatsompop N & Thongsang S (2001) Rheology, Morphology, and Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Recycled PVC Pipes – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 82(10): 2478-2486.

Sombatsompop N & Patcharaphun S (2001) A New Experimental Method for Determining Simultaneously True Radial Temperature Profiles of Polymer Melt under Isothermal Capillary Flow – Polymer Journal, 33(6): 491-494.

Sombatsompop N & Dangtungee R (2001) Effect of Die Design on Flow Visualization & Die Swell of NR in a Capillary Rheometer – Journal of Materials Science Letters, 20(15): 1405-1408.

Wimonmala E, Wootthikanokkhan J & Sombatsompop N (2001) Effects of Composition and Temperature on Extrudate Characteristics, Morphology and Tensile Properties of Acrylic Rubber Blended PVC – Journal of Applied Polymer Science,80(13): 2523-2534.

Sombatsompop N, Rungrattawachai P, Bouvaree N & Eaksrisakul K (2001) Effect of Mastication Time on Flow Patterns of Natural Rubber in the Barrel of a Capillary Rheometer – Polymer Testing, 20(3): 317-320.

Sombatsompop N & Panapoy M (2001) Comments on Temperature Profiles of PP Melt in the Barrel of a Twin Screw Extruder –Polymer Testing, 20(2): 217-221.

Sombatsompop N & Intawong N-T (2001) Flow Properties and Entrance Corrections in Polymer Melts By a Barrel Mobile Capillary Rheometer – Polymer Testing, 20(1): 97-103.

Publications in 2000

Sombatsompop N & Panapoy M (2000) Effect of Screw Rotating Speed on Melt Temperature Profiles in Twin Screw Extruder –Journal of Materials Science, 35(24): 6131-6137.

Sombatsompop N, Chaiwattanapipat W & Panapoy M (2000) Melt Temperature Variations in the Barrels of an Injection Moulder and a Twin Screw Extruder – Materials Research Innovations, 3(5): 271-275.

Sombatsompop N & Chaiwattanapipat W (2000) Temperature Profiles of Glass Fibre Filled Polypropylene Melts in Injection Moulding – Polymer Testing, 19 (6): 713-724.

Publications in 1999

Sombatsompop N & Intawong N-T (1999) A Novel Capillary Rheometer for Measurement of Flow Properties of Polymer Melts –Materials Research Innovations, 3(3): 150-155.

Sombatsompop N & Wood A (1999) A Novel Method for Velocity Profile Measurements in Flowing Polymer Melts – Materials Research Innovations, 3(2): 107-111.

Sombatsompop N (1999) Rheological Behaviour of Unvulcanised Natural Rubber Compounded with Cryogenically Pulverised Polyurethane Foam Particles – Journal of Elastomers and Plastics, 31(3): 271-284.

Sombatsompop N (1999) A Survey of Rheological Properties of Polymer Melts in Capillary Rheometers –Progress in Rubber & Plastics Technology, 15(1): 47-68.

Publications in 1998

Sombatsompop N & Wood A K (1998) An Examination of Melt Fracture in Molten Polymers – Polymer – Plastics Technology & Engineering, 37(3): 317-331.

Publications in 1997

Sombatsompop N, Tan M C & Wood A K (1997) Flow Analysis of Natural Rubber in a Capillary Rheometer: I. Rheological Behaviour and Flow Visualisation in the Barrel – Polymer Engineering and Science, 37(2): 270-280.

Sombatsompop N & Wood A K (1997) Flow Analysis of Natural Rubber in a Capillary Rheometer: II.Flow Patterns and Die Entrance Velocity Profiles in the Die – Polymer Engineering and Science, 37(2): 281-290.

Sombatsompop N, Larkin S & Wood A K (1997) Real-Time Measurements of Temperature & Velocity Profiles of Polymer Melts Using Application Visualisation System – Journal of UNIRAS UK User Group, 2(4): 20-2.

Sombatsompop N, Liolios K, Mohd-Jamel M H, & Wood A K (1997) Techniques for Pressure-Density-Temperature Measurements in Polymer Melts – Polymers & Polymer Composites, 5(4): 259-264.