Biopolymer Research

Publications in 2017

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Publications in 2016

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Publications in 2015

Apinya T, Sombatsompop N and Prapagdee B (2015) Soil Bioaugmentation with a Rare Actinomycete to Accelerate the Biodegradation of Polylactic acid – International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 99: 23-30. Surin P, Rakkwamsook P, Womolmala E & Sombatsompop N (2015) Effects of Coir Fiber and Maleic Anhydride Modification on the Properties of Thermoplastic Starch/PLA Composite Laminates – Journal of Natural Fibers, 12 (2): 108-120.

Publications in 2014

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Publications in 2013

Wootthikanokkhan J, Cheachun T, Sombatsompop N, Thumsorn S, Kaabbuathong N, Wongta N, Wong-On J, Isarankura Na Ayutthaya S & Kositchaiyong A (2013) Crystallization and thermo-mechanical properties of PLA composites: Effects of additive types and heat treatment – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 129(1): 215-223.

Publications in 2012

Lopattananon N, Thongpin C & Sombatsompop N (2012) Bioplastics from Blends of Cassava Flour and Rice Flour: Effect of Blend Composition – International Polymer Processing, 27(3): 334-340. Wootthikanokkhan J, Kesemwananimit P, Sombatsompop N, Kositchaiyong A, Wong-On J, Isarankura na Ayutthaya S and Kaabbuathong N (2012) Preparation of Modified Starch Grafted Poly(lactic acid) and a Study on Compatibilizing Efficacy of the Copolymers in PLA/Thermoplastic Starch Blends – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 126(S1): E389-E396.