Materials for Special Applications

Paper accepted

Ninyong K, Wimolmala E, Sombatsompop N and Saenboonruang K – Potential Use of NR and wood/NR Composites as Thermal Neutron Shielding Materials – Polymer Testing, 59(1): 336-343.

Publications in 2016

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Publications in 2015

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Publications in 2014

Likhitlert S, Wongchaleo C, Kositchaiyong A, Wimolmala E, Mitrprasertporn S and Sombatsompop N (2014) Thermal Characteristics and Temperature Profiles Changes in Structurally Different Polyethylenes with Peroxide Modifications – Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology, 20(2): 80-90.

Publications in 2013

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Publications in 2012

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Publications in 2011

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Publications in 2010

Thongpin C, Juntum J, Sa-nguan-moo R, Suksa-ard A & Sombatsompop N (2010) Thermal Stability of PVC with g-APS-g-MMT and Zeolite Stabilizers by TGA Technique – Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, 23(4): 435-445. Sriloy N, Kumnuantip C, Thongpin C, Wimolmala E & Sombatsompop N (2010) Effects of Silica based Fillers, Surface Treatment and Curing Method on Mechanical Properties of Silica/Unsaturated Polyester Composites – Macromolecular Research, 18(4): 372-379.

Publications in 2009

Chaochanchaikul K, Kositchaiyong A, & Sombatsompop N (2009) Blending Techniques Affecting Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Fly Ash/LDPE and CaCO3/LDPE Composites – Polymers & Polymer Composites, 17(5): 281-290.

Publications in 2008

Palathai T, Tharajak J & Sombatsompop N (2008) Hardness, Adhesion Index and Microstructure of PEEK Coatings on Al or Fe Substrate by LVOF Flame Spray – Materials Science and Engineering: A., 485(1-2): 66-73.

Publications in 2007

Chaowasakoo T & Sombatsompop N (2007) Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Fly Ash/Epoxy Composites using Microwave and Conventional Thermal Curing Methods – Composites Science and Technology, 67(11-12): 2282-2291.

Publications in 2006

Thongpin C, Santavitee O & Sombatsompop N (2006) Degradation Mechanism and Mechanical Properties of PVC in PVC-PE Melt-Blend: Effects of Molecular Architecture, Content and MFI of PE – Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology, 12(3): 115-123. Prachayawarakorn J, Kumsri J, Chaochanchaikul, K & Sombatsompop N (2006) Effects of Compatibilizer Type and Rubber-Wood Sawdust Content on the Mechanical, Morphological and Thermal Properties of PVC/LDPE Blend – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 102(1): 598-606.

Publications in 2005

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Publications in 2004

Sombatsompop N, Tareelap N, Sookkeemit K & Markpin T (2004) A New Design & Development of an Electro-codeposited Coating System for Ni-WC Composites – Materials Science and Engineering: A., 381(1&2): 175-188. Sombatsompop N, Thongpin C & Sungsanit K (2004) Analysis of Low-Density Polyethylene-g- Poly(vinyl chloride) Copolymers Formed in Poly(vinyl chloride) and Low-Density Polyethylene Melt Blends with GPC and Solid-State 13C NMR – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 92(5): 3167-3172. Sombatsompop N, Sungsanit K & Thongpin C (2004) Structural Changes of PVC in PVC/LDPE Melt-Blends: Effects of LDPE Content and Number of Extrusion – Polymer Engineering and Science, 44(3): 487-495. Sombatsompop N & Sungsanit K (2004) Structural Changes and Mechanical Performance of Recycled PVC Bottles Exposed UV Light at 313 nm – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 92(1): 84-94. Leksophee T, Supansomboon S, & Sombatsompop N (2004) Effects of Cross-linking Agents, Dyeing Temperature and pH on Mechanical Performance and Whiteness of Silk Fabric – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 91(2): 1000-1007.

Publications in 2003

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Publications in 2002

Sombatsompop N, Intawong, N-S & Intawong, N-T (2002) Design and Construction of Photo-Conductive Light Pressure Sensor for Highly Viscous Fluids – Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 102(1&2): 76-82.

Publications in 2001

Sombatsompop N & Tangsongcharoen A (2001) Effects of Glass Fibre Content and Coolant Temperature on Temperature and Crystallinity Profiles of PP Melt During Cooling – Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 82(9): 2087-2097.

Publications in 2000

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Publications in 1999

Sombatsompop N, Saengjun B, Tareelap N & Sudaprasert T (1999) Dynamic Fatigue Properties of Closed-Cell non-Crosslinked PE Foams – Cellular Polymers, 18(3): 197-216.

Publications in 1998

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Publications in 1997

Sombatsompop N & Wood A K (1997) Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Polymers using an Improved Lee’s Disc Apparatus – Polymer Testing, 16(3): 203-223.