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Publications in 2017

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Publications in 2016

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Publications in 2015

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Publications in 2014

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Publications in 2013

Markpin, T, Premkamolnetr, P, Ittiritmeechai, S, Wongkaew, C, Yochai, W, Ratchatahirun, P, Lamchaturapatr, J, Sombatsompop, K, Kanok-Nukulchai, W, Lee IB, and Sombatsompop N (2013) The effects of choice of database and data retrieval methods on research performance evaluations of Asian universities – Online Information Review, 37(4).

Publications in 2012

Sombatsompop N, Chancheewa S, Markpin T, Premkamolnetr N,Ittiritmeechai S, Wongkaew C, Yochai W & Ratchatahirun P (2012) Thai–Journal Citation Index (TCI) Centre: 10 Years of Experiences, Lessons Learned and Ongoing Development –Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science, 17(3): 17-33.

Publications in 2011

Sombatsompop N, Premkamolnetr N, Ittiritmeechai S, Markpin T, Ratchatahirun P, Yochai W & Wongkaew C, Lee IB (2011)Viewpoints on Synergizing ASEAN Academic Visibilities through Research Collaboration and Establishment of ASEAN Citation Index Database – Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 52(2): 207-218. Sombatsompop N, Markpin T, Ratchatahirun P, Yochai W, Ittiritmeechai S, Premkamolnetr N & Wongkaew C (2011) Research Productivity, Impact and Excellence of ASEAN Countries and Universities using Standard Bibliometric Analysis: A Case Study of Energy and Fuel Field – Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science, 16(1): 35-46.

Publications in 2010

Sombatsompop N, Markpin T, Ratchatahirun P, Yochai W, Wongkaew C, and Premkamolnetr N (2010) – Research Performance Evaluations of Thailand National Research Universities during 2007-2009 – Information Development, 26(4): 303-313.

Publications in 2009

Sombatsompop N, Markpin T, Wimolmala E, Ratchatahirun P, Premkamolnetr N, Boonradsamee B & Yochai W (2009)Relationship on Research Publications and Productivity-Export Volumes for Natural Rubber – Scientometrics, 81(2): 393-405. Buranathiti T, Premkamolnetr N, Markpin T, Ratchatahirun P, Yochai W & Sombatsompop N (2009) Redistributed Random Sampling Method for Categorizing Materials Research Publication from SCI Database: Metallurgy and Polymer Subfields –Scientometrics, 78(1): 13-21.

Publications in 2008

Markpin T , Boonradsamee B, Ruksinsut K, Yochai W, Premkamolnetr N, Ratchatahirun P & Sombatsompop N (2008) Article-Count Impact Factor of Materials Science Journals in SCI Database – Scientometrics, 75(2): 251-261.

Publications in 2007

Sombatsompop N, Markpin T, Buranathiti T, Ratchatahirun P, Metheenukul T, Premkamolnetr N & Yochai W  (2007) Categorization and Trend of Materials Science Research from Science Citation Index (SCI) Database: A Case Study of Ceramics, Metallurgy, and Polymer Subfields – Scientometrics, 71(2): 283-302.

Publications in 2006

Sombatsompop N, Kositchaiyong A, Markpin T & Inrit S (2006) Scientific Evaluations of Citation Quality of International Research Articles in the SCI Database: Thailand Case Study – Scientometrics, 66(3): 521-535.

Publications in 2005

Sombatsompop N, Markpin T, Yochai W & Saechiew M (2005) An Evaluation of Research Performance for Different Subject Categories using Impact Factor Point Average (IFPA) Index: Thailand Case Study – Scientometrics, 65(3): 293-305. Sombatsompop N & Markpin T (2005) Making an Equality of ISI Impact Factors for Different Subject Fields – Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 56(7): 676-683.

Publications in 2004

Sombatsompop N, Premkamolnetr N & Markpin T (2004) A Modified Method for Calculating the Impact Factors of Journals in ISI Journal Citation Reports: Polymer Science Category in 1997-2001- Scientometrics, 60(2): 217-235.

Publications in 2003

ไม่มีผลงานตีพิมพ์ในวารสารวิชาการระดับนานาชาติใน ค.ศ. 2003

Publications in 2002

Sombatsompop N, Ratchatahirun P, Surathanasakul V, Premkamolnetr N & Markpin T (2002) A Citation Report of Thai Academic Journals During 1996-2000 – Scientometrics, 55(3): 445-462.